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If you might be looking for a guest expert for your show, publication, organization or group please read on or skip down to the contact form.

I'd love to hear from you!


If you might be looking for a guest expert for your show, publication, organization, or group please read on and get in touch for options for customized content.

I'd love to hear from you!


Content and titles are tailored to suit your audience.

A few sample topics:

arrow Create confident leadership presence that gives you star power and accelerates your impact

arrow Use your digital stage presence to intrigue and motivate your audience to take the next step with you

arrow Use your natural communication style to help you sell more of your services, products and programs online and in person. How to be a captivating media guest expert who leverages the appearance and gets asked back for more

arrow Tap into your most charming confident self in any social or business situation

arrow Boost your personal brand with photos, clothing style and on-camera presence that actually suit your personality and business trajectory


Zayna helps people to project their charisma and power leading to more authentic self-expression as well as profitable leadership presence.

She's an Image Strategist & Communications Consultant helping her clients through personal branding, public image development, interpersonal communications coaching, media training and styling. 

Founders, executives, artists, scientists and aspiring leaders (and their teams) are provided with customized image management strategies that can include advice on personal communication, stage presence, marketing strategy and brand equity.

Zayna is a Certified Image Professional (CIP) and has held numerous leadership positions on the global board of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Zayna is a TEDx Speaker and has been featured on national television and in newspapers such as CTV News Channel, The Globe and Mail, The Business News Network, CityTV, BBC online and CBC.


Zayna Rose is an Image Strategist and Communications Consultant who helps Founders, leaders and aspiring leaders to confidently and strategically present themselves online and in person.

Through group programs and private consultation, she advises on public image development, stage presence, interpersonal communications, style and branding.


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Host and professional photographer Jared Poirier and Zayna talk about Communication on Photoshoots. Creatively direct with your photographer to get the brilliant photos you need and want. Listen on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts.

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Host Shelli Varela (also Host of The YES Effect Podcast) and Zayna talk about how business owners in particular can use image and communication strategy to uplevel their businesses, their public image and their style. 

Listen Here ➤
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Host Majeed Mogharreban and Zayna talk about How to Create Your Offer Outfit and Close More Sales. The way you craft your personal image can help you to pre-sell your services, programs and products. Listen on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

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First Impressions Aren't What They Used To Be. Are Yours Captivating? 

Watch Z's Talk on YouTube


First Impressions Aren't What They Used To Be.

Are Yours Captivating?

Watch Z's Talk on YouTube

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Zayna authored a special chapter that can be found in the compilation book Wisdom G.I.F.T.S. found on Amazon.

Her piece asks the question "What do you do when the world doesn't see you the way you see yourself?"

The answer is based on her personal experience as well as twenty years of experience helping others to be and show their authentic selves.

Read more.


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