The way you present yourself with your voice, energy, expressions and conversation style creates an experience for you and your audience (of one or many).

It can fall flat or it can be engaging, dynamic and productive.

Stepping more into your natural communication style is so often the key.

Activate your star power.

What's your true communication style?

Have you been intentional about how you show up in the world? 

Even one quick new connection can take you places.

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Create Star-Caliber Style: Spotlight your credibility, contribution and charisma

Advance your ability to influence audiences big and small whether you're speaking, networking, socializing or selling online or in-person.

Boosting your stage presence is also an advantage for the appearing in the media, for negotiating in the boardroom, for pitching to investors and for presenting on a physical or virtual stage of any kind.

Communications and performance coaching can ensure measurable results and a satisfying stress-free experience for you.

Some typical reasons clients have looked to strengthen their stage presence:

  • Speaking more in public as a business owner, spokesperson or philanthropist
  • Guesting on podcasts, YouTube shows and more
  • Making branded content for your business e.g. photos, videos, social media content
  • Getting ready to pitch to investors or other stakeholders
  • The content and speaking style are working but the look needs some help :)
  • Starting or growing a personal brand
  • Making videos, livestreaming regularly
  • Planning you TEDx Talk or other important event
  • Presenting or selling on camera
  • Leading sales calls

Many elements work together to tell your story and to create first impressions that intrigue and motivate your audience to take the next relevant steps.

Programs can be in the form of consults for an individual OR a workshop, corporate program or custom group training.

We'd be happy to recommend the best place for you to begin.

I've designed options at different levels of investment so that advice is accessible to all who want it as there are even a few substantial complimentary resources and mini programs on-demand.

We can email or book a jumpstart call. Send me a note to get started.

If you'd like to discuss a possible consult for yourself OR for your organization, any background info you can provide would be very helpful yet you can also simply request your free Profitable Presence Jumpstart session.


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