When we see the REAL you, the next powerful connections with the people and opportunities you want are right around the corner.

There's a verbal story, a visual story and an energetic story being told.

When all is aligned, you're powerfully communicating who you are, what you stand for and what you can do.

You can be confident, attractive and powerful without compromising your comfort or authenticity.

Be unforgettable and effective when you clearly show who you are through your visual image, positioning, branding, speaking/conversation style and stage presence.

Approachability, leadership and modernity can be communicated at a glance.

Some typical reasons clients have looked to strengthen their image and communication:

Tell Your Story, The Reasons Why

Many elements work together to tell your story and to create first impressions that intrigue and motivate your audience to take the next relevant steps.

Here are some of the most leveraged places to begin whether you're looking to make big changes or small improvements.


Style is about so much more than what we wear.

You might be in a new phase, a new situation or a new emotional state.

Your style can shift with you so that you're representing yourself with casual poise and comfort.

What we see on the outside can clue us in to the real substance on the inside.

Style is significant AND it's only one piece of the important self-expression puzzle that helps you to look and feel great.

In seconds, what we see on the outside can clue us in to the real substance on the inside. 

Authentic visual identity that accurately reflects true personality style while communicating the messages you want to project is the ideal.

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The way you present yourself with your voice, energy, expressions and conversation style creates an experience for you and your audience (of one or many).

It can fall flat or it can be engaging, dynamic and productive.

Stepping more into your natural communication style is so often the key to stronger presence.

Whether you're speaking on a physical stage, on a digital stages or in a small private setting, there are big benefits to captivating communication.

Even one quick new connection can take you where you want to go.

Improving stage presence might mean media training, on-stage coaching or a makeover. It might simply mean adjusting the way you converse.

Want your next best step?

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If you're a business owner, do you and your business look good together?

If you're an executive, leader or aspiring business leader,  are you presenting a clear congruent personal brand message across digital platforms?

Your brand is about perception and the experience prompted by everything from your digital assets to your personal image to your customer service approach.

Are your brand elements reflective of your level of expertise and your position in your industry?

Do you love your photos, videos, marketing materials and the other items that carry your image and reputation?

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Creating or refreshing your public profile to suit who you are NOW as well as your career trajectory can be the fast track to the next stage.

Anyone can develop the X-factor and have star power. It can make your path easier and help you make the difference you want to make. (No need to be an extrovert or a social media influencer.)

It's not about fame. It's about positioning, access and impact.

Your public image and your leadership presence could be one and the same. 

For most, a public image that's powerful, authentic, approachable and contemporary is the ideal.

The consultation goals and pathways forward very much depend on your exact situation and plans.

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If we decide to collaborate, we'll book a separate call to discuss details and options.

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Private Client Programs can be in the form of consults for an individual, a workshop, corporate program or custom group training.

I'd be happy to recommend the best place for you to begin if you're interested in hearing about the options.

I've designed options at different levels of investment so that advice is accessible to all who want it as there are even a few substantial complimentary resources.

Send us a note to get started.

If you'd like to discuss a possible consult for yourself OR for your organization, any non-confidential background info you can provide at this time would be very helpful.